Bioplasm NLS Health Analyzer And Skin Disease

Exiting systems for NLS-diagnostics (bioplasm nls health analyzer) are equipped with high-frequency linear generators (1.4 GHz) allowing to visualize the most superficial structures, in particular skin.

Maintain Human Harmony - 17D NLS

17D NLS support in the return to the harmonious starting situation:

Recommendation of homeopathics, phytotherapeutics or pharmaceutical active substances fitting accurately to the pathological findings;

Medical Testing And Biophilia Tracker

Even in those rare cases when clinical symptomatic is very typical, the Biophilia Tracker allows seeing additional information about the amplitude of defect and judging about prognosis. 

Meta Hunter with Chakra And Degenerative-dystrophic Damages Of Intervertebral Discs

Meta Hunter-graphy method, introduced in recent years, with its usability and low price, in many cases is more informative and, in general, more available than computed tomography. 

Recognizes Energetic Imbalances –9D-NLS Health analyzer

Recognizes Energetic Imbalances –9D-NLS Health analyzer

Bio-resonance for Biophilia Intruder Machine

Bio-resonance is interaction between a living organism and its frequency patterns that surround or resonate as the result of the organisms movements. 

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