Bioplasm NLS Health Analyzer For Pancreatic Diseases

Choosing of diagnostic method depends on its availability, informativity, possibility of graphic registration of acquired data, safety and affordability. Recently appeared Bioplasm NLS Health Analyzer allows to acquire sufficiently accurate information about parenchyma’s and pancreatic ducts system’s condition.

You Need The Omega-3 Fats

Dietary supplements. If you don't get enough of any of these sources of omega-3s, you might want to consider taking a supplement, especially if you have heart disease or high triglycerides. Through Bioplasm-NLS, you can choose your dietary supplements on omega-3s.

Biophilia Guardian And Tumor Diagnosis

The experience proves that availability of Biophilia Guardian allows for a detailed examination of three-dimensional hepatic neoplasms sized less than 3mm. Therefore, at the early stages of pathology development, a clinician is able to update the morphological substrate of detected changes and obtain sufficient information for diagnosis updating.

Neoplasm Of Pancreas On Biophilia Intruder

Radiodiagnosing of any volumetric neoplasm of pancreas is based on detection of Biophilia Intruder of a focal affection, partial or complete increasing of its size, changing of its form and surrounding tissues and organs. 

Non-linear Diagnostics Of Biophilia Guardian A3

The Biophilia Guardian A3 is the machine which is developed based on non-linear (NLS) diagnostics. The Biophilia Guardian A3 is the latest, most innovative and user friendly software and is spreading rapidly around the world.

The Benefits Of Biophilia Tracker X3 Method For Vascular Pathology Diagnosis

It can be used to perform screening in the course of initial examination with a view to revealing early or latent forms of vascular pathology and also as a preliminary method for selecting patients for angiosurgical treatment as according to a number of specialists-angiologists, angiography should only be done for candidates for surgery picked out after preliminary Biophilia Tracker X3 investigation.

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