Medical Testing And Biophilia Tracker

Even in those rare cases when clinical symptomatic is very typical, the Biophilia Tracker allows seeing additional information about the amplitude of defect and judging about prognosis. 

Meta Hunter with Chakra And Degenerative-dystrophic Damages Of Intervertebral Discs

Meta Hunter-graphy method, introduced in recent years, with its usability and low price, in many cases is more informative and, in general, more available than computed tomography. 

Metatron Hunter Can Be Helpful In Vascular Pathology Diagnosis

Metatron Hunter enables to assess the condition of the valvular apparatus of deep veins in low extremities on a noninvasive and objective basis which is very important for the surgery tactics to be chosen and can be used as an alternative to phlebography.

Metatron Hunter with Progress Of the NLS Method.

NLS method is being improved not only by means of introducing of new technical inventions, but by new ways of application. Simple surgical manipulations, such as biopsy are carried out with the help of ultrasound, fluoroscopy and computer tomography for a long time. Now biopsy can also be controlled by Metatron Hunter.

NLS Diagnostics Method Is Still Being Developed

Non-linear (NLS) diagnostics, based on a new physics of quantum-entropic interaction, allows acquiring the maximum information about gravity, maturity and intensity of functional changes in the human organism during medical check-up. 

Non-linear Diagnostics Of Biophilia Intruder

The Biophilia Intruder is the machine which is developed based on non-linear (NLS) diagnostics. The Biophilia Intruder is the latest, most innovative and user friendly software and is spreading rapidly around the world.

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