Potential Of NLS Method In Diagnosing- Biophilia Tracker

The non-linear diagnostics method (NLS) use in the Biophilia Tracker X3 has been actively practiced lately as many medical institutions. 

Recognizes Energetic Imbalances –9D-NLS Health analyzer

Recognizes Energetic Imbalances –9D-NLS Health analyzer

The history about Metapathia GR Hunter

The Metapathia GR Hunter method of analysis was developed at the Russian Institute of Practical Psychophysics. Every organ and every cell has associated with it a biofield magnetic vortex state which is stored in the computer memory and can be displayed on the computer screen as a graph. 

The Using Range Of Biophilia Tracker X3 With 4D Scanner

Biophilia Tracker X3 can be used by anyone who is interested in quickly and effectively examining the health of their patients, clients, friends, family or employees.

The Speciality Of Bioplasm NLS

Bioplasm NLS Provide the professional image of teaching materials for the training of the practitioners expertise.

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