Bioplasm NLS Health Analyzer For Pancreatic Diseases

Timely and accurate diagnostics of pancreatic diseases, without which efficient treatment is not possible, is one of the main goals of a modern gastroenterology. It is determined by increasing of disease incidence and difficulties in a differential diagnostics due to absence of pathognomonic clinical symptoms, especially in the early stages of an illness. The difficult is differential diagnostics between pancreas head cancer and a chronic pseudo-tumor-like pancreatitis that sometimes result in complications requiring surgical interventions. These diseases may look like stomach and duodenum ulcer, pylorus stenosis and be accompanied by gastrointestinal hemmorhage and acute pain in superior parts of stomach. Chronic pancreatitis is diagnosed in 0.2-6.8% of adults. It is diagnosed in 6-8% of all digestive organs diseases. Examination of patients suffering from pancreas pathologies must ensure accurate diagnosing allowing to choose adequate tactics of treatment in proper time.

Choosing of diagnostic method depends on its availability, informativity, possibility of graphic registration of acquired data, safety and affordability. Recently appeared Bioplasm NLS Health Analyzer allows to acquire sufficiently accurate information about parenchyma’s and pancreatic ducts system’s condition.