Medical Prostate Treatment Device Andrology Disease Instrument LED Light Therapy Frequent Urination, Urgency

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The min symptoms of prostate inflammation:

Lower urinary tract symptoms:

Frequent urination, urgency, painful urination, urinary discomfort or burning sensation during urination, waiting for urine, and incomplete urination.

Reproductive system symptoms:

Mainly manifested as loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and so on.

Nervous system symptoms:

Hypertension, anxiety, frequent dizziness, memory loss, suspicious insomnia, depression, etc. Patients often experience physical discomfort and pain.

Product parameters
wavelengthred light 630nm±10nm;blue light 465nm±10nm
The power density of spot in the center of single lamp bead≦10(mW/c㎡)
The power density of spot in the center of single lamp bead(mW/c㎡)Red light and blue light are 20±20% respectively
The power instability≦ 10%
The output power repeatability≦ 10%
The Rated input power≦100VA
The anti-shock type of therapeutic apparatusclass 1
The operation mode of the treatment apparatusoperating continuously
The degree of applied partial anti-shockType B
The degree of protection against incoming fluidIPX0(Conventional equipment)
The therapeutic instrument does not have the application part of the effect of transversion discharge
The therapy device is not a permanent installation
The environment temperature5℃-40℃
The Relative humidity≦80%
The atmospheric pressure86KPa-106KPa
service lifeThe average continuous use time is 6000 hours with trouble-free

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