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ISHA RIFE Adjustable POWER BUGS Zapper, powerfull killer of parasites and worms.

The 1st most Powerfull DEEP killer of parasites, viruses, fungus, worms.
Carry it all day or while sleeping.

Will be delivered with :

1 pair mini Tens pads for wrist blood zapping + wrist band
1 pair big Tens pads for spot deep killing (and muscle relax\de-acifidation).
1 pair Tens ear clips for brain\eyes\ears bugs killing\CES

*Note: NO spare cable , the cable will last for many years.
If it is needed sent a email to us and we will arrange at extra costs depending on your country.

The Power Rife Zapper also works as a brainstimulator by the earclips (adjust low with earclips till flashes in eyes appear) Like the expensive David Paradise XL Stim called……. CES
Cranial Eectrical Stimulator by wich the brain is activated to produce endorphines wich releaVes the pain …..

(Also many drugs addicted were cured by this process like Tommy from the Wh o.

*Including worldwide free shipping !

Bloodzapping wrist
Ear zapping
Brainzapping bugs, killing bugs in the white matter
Eyes zapping, killing bugs in the eyes
Organ zapping: killing bugs in pancreas, thyroid, thymus, liver, kidneys, guts, etc.
CES, Cranial Electrical Stimulation of endorphine, relieving pain.

Extra function: muscle de-acidation, release muscle knots.

*Disclaimer : Usage is at your own risks !
*This is not a medical approved device.

For medical checkups and treatments, visit your doctor.



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