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No limitations of distance. Do worldwide scans and treatments, as if that client from 3000 miles away is sitting at your desk.
Have more power than normal with the headset (single bioset) with double sensors and scalar waves.
Get freedom, do more at the same time .


For years used by therapists, doctors, scientists, even professors in over 151 countries !

We passed Einstein and prof. Nesterov. And will continue to do so.

All famous scientists in the field of NLS or Frequencies ….. USE THIS to be successful

The real Quantum Meta Black Box DNA/RNA
NLS / Rife / Spooky2 / Radionics / Amp Audio combined

The most powerful Quantum Scalar Waves NLS remote DNA+RNA
scanning and treatment device from the original inventor Metamaster.

Sample storage preparation

After receiving your DNA/RNA samples, we leave them in the original small transparent bag or put them into a glass vial for hygienic and technical purposes. The vial (or small transparent bag) and photos are safely stored inside a black plastic bag and inside a big transparent plastic bag for additional protection, and refrigerated before & after your scheduled session.  

Be sure to send dry samples, so they can last longer without spoiling (wet samples are spoiled within a week). 

Since DNA/RNA material is a subject to natural disintegration processes, your dry samples are valid for 5 weeks after receiving.

Research scanning

It begins by special light trigger sensors TX UV LED (Transmitter Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes) inside Quantum Meta Black Box sending specific healthy frequencies dedicated to an organ. These pulses bounce off from DNA/RNA material with a certain damping, which is captured by dark RX UV LED (Receiver Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes). Received signals are amplified and decoded with our Life Resonance Nonlinear Information Systems hardware-software to get your scanning results and video recording in form of organ models.


We use electromagnetic oscillations with the opposite sign spin in order that the algebraic sum of the disharmonic and inverted electromagnetic oscillations would become equal to zero. Treatment enforce the scalar wave transmitter at the bottom of Quantum Meta Black Box. With rotating magnetic filed and created torsion field, you absorb healthy frequencies into DNA/RNA/Photo samples. This imprints geometric information of the spacetime itself and corrects your organ Bioreceptors to Bio North orientation to release the energy block flow for self-healing.

Balanced vibration transmission

Healthy frequencies imprinted with Quantum Meta Health Life Resonance Nonlinear Information Systems into your genetic material travel through the spacetime lattice called Aether without transmission loss. Your particles remain connected even when separated by great distances and quantum entanglement phenomenon allows us to perform actions remote, therefore signals are absorbed only by your unique scalar wave fractal antenna and your Bio communication & Information field.

The ISHA Quantum Meta Black Box

For your NLS 3D, 8D, 9D,17D, Bioplasm, Hunter Metapathia GR 4025, Meta hunter, Biophilia Tracker & Rife / Spooky2 / Radionics / Amp Audio combined.

The original and most powerful on this planet.

The photos of the final Black Box – before shipment to the factory (feb 2017). 

*POWERFUL remedy maker !
There are many hundreds of remedies in the NLS and with this QMBB,

you can make the most powerful remedies because of the *double set bioreceptor
and the BIG scalar waves transmitter.

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